Una charla con Micha Cárdenas y Zach Blas
Diferencia entre el arte y el activismo, entre otras cosas...

Viernes 16 de noviembre
4:00 pm

Micha Cárdenas partirá del proyecto TBT, The Transborder Immigrant Tool (TBT), 2007 para dialogar sobre el tema y como este se amarra a su nuevo proyecto Local Autonomy Networks / Autonets (http://autonets.org). Y Zach Blas co-founder of the public school durham and creator of the art group queer technologies will share some notes regarding a work in progress at the moment, the project title: "Fag Faces", masks to protest and enact performative interventions against developments with biometric facial recognition.

Micha Cárdenas
PhD Student, Media Arts and Practice, University of Southern California
Provost Fellow, University of Southern California
New Directions Scholar, USC Center for Feminist Research
MFA, Visual Arts, University of California, San Diego
Author, The Transreal: Political Aesthetics of Crossing Realities,

zach blas

phd candidate, literature, information science + information studies, visual studies, duke university, artist/researcher-in-residence, b.a.n.g.lab and performative nanorobotics lab, ucsd
mfa, design media arts, ucla

"ecological grounding of civil disobedience, the invention of new spaces of imagination and the difference between art and activism. One of my favorite moments was in Dominguez’s elaboration on the latter: activists break the law, while artists change the conversation theatrically, by disturbing the law."

pd. la charla será entre inglés y español una combinación.

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